What are THE two things Italians miss when they are living in another


Yes. Of course food!
We all love our pizza, pasta and wine but …

Immediately after comes fashion.


Fashion intended as a taste for fine, exquisite quality.
The art of understanding and craving a certain finesse, the appreciation for
craftsmanship, the pleasure that comes from wearing uniqueness and the sensory comfort that stems from the contact with natural fibres and the
smoothest textiles.

Italiana was born to bring fashion in its most genuine form to this amazing

To bring to this little paradise a piece of Italian tradition, to
share what we are so passionate about and allow this joy to transpire
through the knowledge about how each and every piece has been created.

The Italiana dream has been a bud for the longest time, waiting to blossom
only when every detail was curated to perfection.

Now we are finally ready to welcome you and so proud to show you our collections of finest Italian clothing and lingerie of curated brands and artisans.

… Benvenuti!